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About us

Welcome Dear (future) Guest!

First of all, I am very pleased to meet you! Thank you already for reading our blog!

A short introduction:

paul buyser

My name is Paul Buyser, General Manager of the Banks Mansion Hotel, a boutique hotel located on the beautiful Herengracht in the heart of Amsterdam. I am addicted to “the world of hotels”. Hotels are, for me, a place to meet, to greet, to share and to give unlimited hospitality.

When my sister and I where on holiday (between 10 and 15 years old), and we slept in “boutique hotels” we always find out every corner of the hotel, especially the corridors, the hidden secrets of the hotels but the most important thing: the breakfast buffet!

The night before, we were already dreaming about the breakfast buffet and we really hoped for (all kinds of) eggs and nice breadrolls!


If you would like to be the first one, to read about ‘our world of our hotel’ and the weekly up to date secrets about Amsterdam me and my team did discovered, please follow us, and we will explain you all the “must knows and sees” about the hidden places of this wonderful city!

Normally, hotels are used to work with traditional organization structures. Management on top, supervisors below, and then the employees. Two and a half years ago, when I start working in this beautiful hotel, we, as a team, started to think the other way around. We believe in you, as our (future) guest. You are the one who decides our strategy. You are the one, who can experience our service, our authenticity. You can develop Banks Mansion even more and more, with your ideas, your critical point of view and also with your compliments of course, (because we do love them!)

So, we changed our organisational structure completely and this is it!


So, are you curious now? About the Banks Mansion Hotel? About all the little secrets in the City? Would you like to be involved in our strategy and plans for the coming months?

Please keep on following me, and if you would like to share something: you can always call me on +31 (0)20 420 00 55 or send me an email to; Answering guaranteed!

Have a wonderful day,

Warm Regards,

Paul Buyser

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